Please Read This Page In Its Entirety. It Contains Important Information Concerning Your Order. Payment Of Your Invoice Constitutes Your Acknowledgment That You Have Read And Agree To These Terms




ATTENTION PROMOTERS: Shipment Times Are Based Upon Show Dates..... NOT When You Placed Your Order. We Produce Awards For Events Worldwide And Typically When You Place Your Order We Are Working On Events That Are Scheduled To Take Place Over The Next Several Weeks. THOSE EVENTS TAKE PRIORITY. Your Order Will Be Shipped When All Other Events That Are BEFORE Your Event Are Completed And Shipped. Again... Event Dates Are The Determining Factor When It Comes To Your Ship Date.

 Q: What Is Your Contact Info? Our Office Number Is 813-515-8158 And Our Email Is ContestTrophies@Gmail.com

Q: What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept? We Accept Cash, Venmo, Zelle, CashApp, Bank Wires And All Major Credit / Debit Cards. We Also Accept Bitcoin As Well As Other Major Crypto Currencies. Please Call If You Are Paying By Crypto. We Do Not Accept Checks Of Any Kind. There Is A 3% Convenience Fee For Transactions Over $1000.00.

Q: How Do I Order Medals? We Are Well Regarded For Having The Highest Quality Medals At The Lowest Prices Available! For Custom Medals Please Contact Us In Order To Speak To A Representative Concerning Artwork Requirements, Etc. Since Custom Medals Are Manufactured Specially For Each Individual Customer All Medals Must Be Paid For In Advance At The Time Your Order Is Placed. Due To The Extremely High Volume Of Medals We Produce There Is Currently A Lead Time Of 12 Weeks To Allow For Design, Manufacture And Shipping Of Your Medals. If Your Event Is Less Than 12 Weeks Away We Can Still Manufacture Your Order However There May Be Additional Shipping Charges Incurred In Order To Receive Your Medals In Time For Your Event. See Below.


If Order Is Placed At Least 12 Weeks Out From The Event Then The Shipping Charges Are As Follows:

All Medal Orders Are Shipped To You At No Charge If Your Order Is Placed 12 Weeks Out From Your Event.

Medal Orders Placed LESS Than 12 Weeks Out From Your Event Are Not Eligible For Free Shipping Regardless Of Quantity. This Is Due To Expedited Shipping Charges And Other Fees Incurred To Both Manufacture And Ship Your Medals To You In Time.

Q: How Do I Order Sculptures? Ordering Is Easy. If You Are A Promoter Simply Email Us With Your Order At ContestTrophies@gmail.com Or Call Us At 813-515-8158 And A Representative Will Be Happy To Assist You. If You Are A Retail Customer Simply Proceed Though The Checkout Process As Usual.

Q: When Is Payment Due? Payment In Full Is Due Prior To Your Order Being Shipped. Medal Orders Require Payment In Full At The Time The Order Is Placed. Shipping Charges For Medals And All Other Awards May Be Billed Separately.


Q: If I'm Ordering Plates For My Medals Or Trophies How Far Out Do They Need To Be Submitted? Plates Need To Be Submitted NO LATER Than FOUR WEEKS (4 WEEKS) From The Date Of Your Event. We Are Producing Awards For Many Events All Year And It Is Impossible For Us To Stop Production For One Event Andf Produce Plates Or Awards For Another Event In A Very Short Amount Of Time. We Are SImply Too Busy  To Accommodate Last Minute Submissions.

Q: If I'm Ordering Sculptures For An Event, How Far Out From My Event Date Do I Need To Place My Order? PLEASE NOTE: We Do Not Provide Wholesale Pricing. We Are A "CUSTOM AWARDS MANUFACTURER", Not An Awards Wholesaler. Since All Of Our Sculptures Are "Made To Order" We Require, At Minimum, EIGHT WEEKS Advance Notice. This Includes Time For Your Sculptures To be Manufactured, Painted, Allowed To Fully Cure, Packaged And Time To Ship. Once Orders Are Complete And Ready To Ship You Will Receive An Invoice WIth Shipping Charges Included.

NOTE: We Hold Packed Orders For Fourteen (14) Calendar Days. If Your Order Is Not Paid In That Time Period We Will Assume The You Have Abandoned The Order And We Will Transfer Your Ordered Items To Another Waiting Order.

Q: How Long Does It Take Before My Sculpture Order Is Shipped? Shipping Time Depends On Several Factors. If Your Retail Order Is Less Than Ten Pieces Your Items Will Ship Generally Within 4 Weeks After Your Order Is Placed. All Sculptures Are Considered Custom Manufactured Items And Are "Made To Order". This Period Of Time Allows Your Order To Be Manufactured, Painted And Allowed To Properly Cure Before It Can Be Packaged And Shipped. If Your Order Is Larger Than Ten Pieces, Typically For An Event, We Guarantee That Your Order Will Be Received In Time For That Event. We Cannot Give A Standard Shipping Time For Large Orders As We May Have Other Orders In Front Of Yours That Are To Be Manufactured And Shipped First And There Is No Way To Tell How Many Orders Will Be In Front Of Yours Until Your Order Is Actually Placed. If We Are Shipping Your Order To Your Requested Destination Our Liability For Damages Only Covers The Shipment From Our Warehouse To That Original Destination. If You Are Forwarding Your Shipment To Second Location Via A Second Shipper Or Carrying Them To That Second Location Yourself Then That Shipper Is Responsible For Damages From That Point Forward. We Are Only Responsible For Damages From Our Warehouse To The UPS/Fedex Drop Off Address.

IF YOU ARE FORWARDING YOUR SHIPMENT TO A SECOND LOCATION WE DO REQUIRE THAT YOU TO CHECK YOUR SHIPMENT WHEN IT ARRIVES FROM OUR WAREHOUSE BEFORE IT IS SENT TO ITS SECOND LOCATION AND CONTACT US FOR REPLACEMENTS. If Damages Are Found At Its Final Destination And No Damage Was Noted As It Arrived From Our Warehouse To The First Destination We Cannot Be Responsible For Free Replacement. Replacement Costs Will Then Be The Responsibility Of The Second Shipper. You Have 24 Hours To Examine Your Shipment And Notify Us Of Any Damages.

Q: Shipping TImes For Swords, Bases, Rings, Etc.: Processing TImes For All Other Products Is 3-5 Business Days. Also An Allowance Must Be Made For the Actual Transport TIme Of Your Shipment As Well By The Carrier To You From Our Facility.

 Q: Do you Offer Payment Plans Or Credit Terms. Basically Can I Pay For My Order After My Event? Unfortunately We Do Not Offer Terms However We Have Partnered With A Finance Company That WIll Bill Your Purchase In Four Payments If You Qualify For That Financing Option. They Are A Separate Entity And We Have No Control Over Their Policies Or Procedures. You Will FInd This Financing Option When You Check Out Of The Shopping Card As You Normally Would When Making A Regular Purchase. We Will charge You An Additional 7% On Your Purchase If You Use This Option As They Charge Our Business For Their Service. That 7% Fee WIll Be Billed Separately And Must Be Paid Before Any Items Are Shipped.

Q: How Do I Order Inserts So That I Can Mount My Sculptures On Bases? If You Wish To Include Inserts For Your Sculptures Then We Ask That You Specify The Need For Inserts At The Same Time That You Place Your Initial Order. We Do Not Place Inserts By Default In Sculptures. We Also Cannot Add Inserts To Sculptures That Are Already Cast.

Q: Do You Offer Refunds Or Buy Backs? As Stated On Your Invoice For Review Before Payment Is Made, All Sales Are Final. This Includes All Trophies, Rings, Medals, Custom Trophy Plates, Bases And All Other Products. If You Have Left Over Sculptures Most Promoters Will Choose To Save Them For The Following Year Or Sell Them To Other Promoters. We Do Not "Buy Back" Unused Trophies Or Offer Refunds For Any Of Our Products Since Our Products Are Custom Made For Each Event.

Q: What If A Competitor Or Event Staff Damages A Trophy At Or After An Event? Upon Delivery We Guarantee That Each Trophy Is Damage Free, Devoid Of Chips, Cracks Or Other Defects. When Delivery Is Made To You Or To Your Event You Have The Opportunity To Inspect Each Sculpture And Note Any Damage, Which We Will Then Replace At Our Cost. Once You Or Your Staff Takes Delivery Of Your Order Then Responsibility For Damage For The Entire Order Transfers To The Receiver. If Your Order Was Shipped To You Via A Third Party Shipper (UPS, FedEx, Etc.) We Allow 48 Hours From The Time Of Confirmed Delivery To Inspect Your Order And Contact Us With Any Claims For Damages. If An Athlete Damages Their Sculpture Either During Or After An Event It Is The Responsibility Of The Promoter (Or Competitor Themselves) To Replace The Damaged Item At Promoter Cost. We Cannot, At Our Cost, Replace Sculptures Damaged By Competitors After They Have Been Delivered Undamaged.

Thank You!


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